How to care


Mohair is the hair of Angora goats, which has long piles and is characterized by a very soft, silky sheen. Best of all, it's warm and doesn't get stuffy, making it a great material for socks.

Among them, the kid mohair used in MARCOMONDE is hair cut from baby goats less than one year old. The thin, soft hair unique to baby goats is fluffy and feels nice on the skin without feeling scratchy compared to regular mohair, but it is a very delicate material.

How to wash

Mohair becomes hard due to friction and shrinks due to heat.

After regular wear, simply turn it inside out and gently press it with lukewarm water to get it clean, so we recommend hand-washing.
After pressing it to remove moisture, place it between towels, remove moisture, smooth the fur, and dry flat.

If you use detergent, choose a neutral detergent.

When washing in a washing machine, be sure to turn it inside out and place it in the laundry net, then select the hand wash cycle. *Do not use the dryer.

What if mohair turns into felt...
1) Take a spoonful of silicone treatment and dissolve it in 2 liters of hot water below 30℃.
2) Soak the socks and let the hot water soak through.
3) Remove from hot water, squeeze lightly and spread by hand.
4) Dry flat in the shade or indoors to keep the shape.
*If you apply a steam iron, the hair will stand up and the softness will be restored.